Film creation and Digitisation


Endangered Heritage does more than conserve things. Conservation is about preserving memories and at endangered Heritage we understand that the touch stone of memory is not always material stuff but rather ephemeral recordings. Memories are fragile recollections which in the wrong format can be lost in time with no device to play them on. 

We can now digitise  Super 8, VHS, BETA family films, in to DVD or MP4 format. We can transform audio recordings on tape to digital as well. Drop them off for a quick turn around. $44 an hour of recorded time


Thanks to camera’s on phones everyone can record a memory in an instant. Occasionally there is a need for a more professional job a lasting recollection recorded to be an archive. Call us to have a professional film-maker come to record your family stories, oral histories or recollections.When it is time to get the family together and hear Grandpa’s war stories or Grandma’s family memories and favourite recipes for the camera, give us a call to make a booking. 


Talking wills and final messages are also a personal way to create a lasting memory in digital format which can be kept for family or special people to cherish.