Film Digitisation


Endangered Heritage does more than just conserve the physical. Conservation is about preserving memories. Protecting a piece of history from the decay of time. 

We understand that memory is not always encapsulated by just the material. Ephemeral recordings like videos play a critical role in preserving our memory. 

Memories are fragile recollections but accidentally preserving them in the wrong format can result in them being lost to time. We understand the frustration of not being able to reminisce with old childhood videos just because devices no longer support the format. The dismay and disbelief that an integral part of your history has been stolen away by such unfairness.  

But fortunately, that is not the case because we can now digitise Super 8, VHS, and BETA family films into DVD or MP4 formats. We can even transform audio recordings on tape to digital. Drop them off for a quick turnaround. It’s only $44 to get an hour of history back.