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Sean Puttifoot

Metals and Large Technology Conservator

Sean is our Metals and Large Technology Conservator as well as our Heritage in Conflict Zone consultant. With over 30 years of experience in metal and wood structures, fabrication and stabilisation, Sean is a wonderful new addition to our team.

Diploma of Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Security Risk Management (cert IV risk analysis and cert IV in management)
Diploma of Business(leadership)
Certificate IV as a Fitter and Turner
Certificate IV as a Marine Technician
Certificate III in Welding, Carpentry, and Metal Trades.

Heritage in Conflict Zones

15 years with the Royal Australian Navy (including 1 year in operational conflicts) as a Certificate IV fitter and turner and trainer. Worked on a variety of ships, equipment, and structures. He also had 15 years in the mining, commercial, and hire industries. Sean has extensive experience working with metal deterioration, dealing with corrosion, the galvanic process, electrolysis, electroplating, inhibitors, barrier coatings and reactions between dissimilar metals.

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