Emma Wade

Customer support and Lab Manager

Emma has a background in music, drama and the arts, gardening, comedy, animals, photographic studies, textiles, and environmental sciences. Emma has framing experience and helps out in the lab when we need extra hands and a sense of humour. At the risk of sounding eclectic, Emma is just the multi-tasker Endangered Heritage needs! An incredibly empathetic and sentimental person at heart, Emma is guaranteed to treat you and your objects with the utmost care and she will sort out any questions or concerns straight away. Emma loves her job, loves a challenge and loves things that are in the "too hard basket". She will go the extra mile to track down products and stock, even if it means ringing Missouri well after work is over! If you have any questions, or would like information about our products, Emma is the one to call, or pop in to see her.

Retail manager
Customer support
Lab co-ordination
Wood turning
Inventory and stock management
Wholesale product developer
Deliveries and collections
Freight co-ordinator
National Endangered Skills and Trades Show project development.

Just about everything, Emma can turn her hand to helping all of the team.
Oh and expert Dad Jokes...Did you hear the one about.....?