Alexis Harper

Junior Metals Conservator

Alexis is an objects conservator specialising in metals and weaponry.

Bachelor of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Museums
Certificate III in Information and Technology
Over 20 years martial arts experience.
Three years martial arts coaching.

Photographic support

Alexis started with Endangered Heritage as an intern and has stayed on with the team, continuously learning and increasing his familiarisation with a wide variety of objects. Alexis’ extensive martial arts background has helped to fuel his passion for his conservation specialty:
edged weaponry. Beginning with Wushu in the early 1990’s in Nepal, Alexis has also practiced Karate as well as traditional and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, his preference for Muay Thai over the last decade has seen him teach and coach others in the discipline.
Alexis ‘seven years living in Nepal has provided him with a familiarity and fondness for artefacts of Himalayan origin, especially those from Tibet and Bhutan with links to Vajrayana Buddhism.
Ready and eager for his next treatment, Alexis looks forward to the opportunity to work on artefacts and objects from all cultures, so if you have a katana, claymore or jambiya, or perhaps a statuette that needs some special care, please, bring it in!