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Our Team Members

Meet the conservators at Endangered Heritage


Victoria Pearce

Director and Senior Conservator

Victoria has specialist skills in heritage and collection management, involving heritage values, conservation management and heritage interpretation. With a degree in Fine Art and Conservation, Victoria has extensive experience in modern materials and contemporary art, particularly in art investment and management of collections.


Caitlin Nelson


Caitlin provides analytical services to clients, archeology support in real time for field work and is a provider in our Conservator on Retainer program


Emma Whitbread

Biologist and trainee textile conservator

Emma is our trainee textiles conservator with a specialty knowledge of proteins, training to use science based techniques to care for textile objects.


Alex Bonazzi


Alex has been working in the film and television industry for 25 years, specializing in Film and Digital Cinematography and a master in the art of creative lighting. Alex takes great pride in producing the best possible outcome in any given situation and under a range of circumstances.


Andrew Pearce

Senior Objects Conservator

A specialist Objects and Metals Conservator. Andrew consults on Museum Workplace Health and Safety and Large Technology Objects. Andrew has developed extensive expertise in glass repairs.


Celeste Vallance

Analytical -archeology Conservator

Celeste provides expert support and analytical work for the entire team. Her attention to detail delivers the best presentation and interpretation options for finds for display.


Sean Puttifoot

Metals and Large Technology Conservator

Sean is our Metals and Large Technology Conservator as well as our Heritage in Conflict Zone consultant. With over 30 years of experience in metal and wood structures, fabrication and stabilisation, Sean is a wonderful new addition to our team.


Robin Tait

Senior Book and Paper Conservator

Robin is a qualified fine art conservator with additional training in rare and valuable book conservation. Books are complex moving artefacts and need more than just a minimal approach to be repaired back to use and function. This requires time, patience and specialist care.


Ann Robb

Chief circus ring leader

Ann is the retail and lab manager who can usually point you to the right person and solution for any query.


Gary Bulluss

Physicist and Photographer.

Gary is our physicist and photographer who documents our artefacts and makes sure you get accurate results and stunning imagery.

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