Our Team Members

Meet the conservators at Endangered Heritage


Victoria Pearce

Director and Senior Conservator

Victoria has specialist skills in heritage and collection management, involving heritage values, conservation management and heritage interpretation. With a degree in Fine Art and Conservation, Victoria has extensive experience in modern materials and contemporary art, particularly in art investment and management of collections.


Bretony Colville

Head Archaeological Conservator and Senior Objects Conservator

Bretony is your classic overachiever, she has a range of experience in archaeology, and conservation. Having successfully completed archaeological conservation projects for the NSW and ACT governments, she can liaise with all levels of stakeholders while providing best practice conservation treatments and advice in the field or over the phone. She specialises in object conservation and in particular archaeological conservation including Indigenous and Oceanic Art.


Reina Li

Marketing and PR Support

Reina is a fourth-year student at the ANU with a Double Degree in Commerce and Arts, triple majoring in English, International Relations, and Business Information Systems. From her diverse areas of studies, you can tell she’s a bit of a nerd. Fortunately, conservation is a complex and ever-expanding field so Reina gets to learn something new every day, and she wants to bring you along for the ride. Reina’s in charge of sharing with you guys the most interesting and fascinating aspects of everyday life in Endangered Heritage so make sure to stay tuned to her Facebook and Instagram posts!


Andrew Pearce

Senior Objects Conservator

A specialist Objects and Metals Conservator. Andrew consults on Museum Workplace Health and Safety and Large Technology Objects. Andrew has developed extensive expertise in glass repairs.


Sean Puttifoot

Metals and Large Technology Conservator

Sean is our Metals and Large Technology Conservator as well as our Heritage in Conflict Zone consultant. With over 30 years of experience in metal and wood structures, fabrication and stabilisation, Sean is a wonderful new addition to our team.


Alex Bonazzi


Alex has been working in the film and television industry for 25 years, specializing in Film and Digital Cinematography and a master in the art of creative lighting. Alex takes great pride in producing the best possible outcome in any given situation and under a range of circumstances.


Robin Tait

Senior Book and Paper Conservator

Robin is a qualified fine art conservator with additional training in rare and valuable book conservation. Books are complex moving artefacts and need more than just a minimal approach to be repaired back to use and function. This requires time, patience and specialist care.


Louis Abasta

IT Support and Business Analyst

Louis loves being able to put a smile on peoples faces, and understands the frustration of computers just not working as they should. Louis will go above and beyond if it means making life easier for a client. Louis works with Macs or PC platforms and can trouble shoot most problems. Coming from a business and IT background, he aims to develop IT infrastructure around current business processes so you don't have to change your business to suit the IT guys... rather the IT solution needs to fit the business.