Services and Goods

Archival Materials


These are often very hard to source in small quantities.  Endangered Heritage orders the museum quantity and breaks it down, so that the small user can have the same high quality archival products we REALLY use in our institutions.  


We can supply Mylar film, Tyvek sheeting and Softlon foam by the metre, and boxes made to measure.  We sell acid free archival boxes as single units and we have non-acidic and buffered tissue paper which has passed the PAT (Photographic Activity Test).


The label “acid free” has various meanings, but none of them require that a product remains non-acidic over time. While it may be neutral or alkaline now, the paper or board may become acidic over time, despite the label “acid free”.  

The terms "archival” and “permanent” for paper and board products are supported by Australian and international standards and are the qualities we look for in the lines we sell.


There are no manufacturers of archival or permanent tissue paper in Australia.  We source our supplies and test them on arrival for their archival qualities. 

Tools and Supplies

The conservation industry has quite specialised tool and materials requirements. Talk to us about your project - if you are looking for something challenging to find call Emma Wade, our retail manager.


Endangered Heritage stocks a range of conservation and art manufacture tools including bone folders, septum elevators, spatulas, pigments, animal skin and parchment glues, stainless steel entomology pins, curved microsurgery needles, gold leaf, squissors, tweezers, inks, dispersions, gums and resins, cotton tape and more.

Collection Management


Most of the senior staff at Endangered Heritage have around 20 years of experience in the art and museum sector.


Art is not a set and forget asset. Like all assets, art depreciates if it fades, or gets soiled or damaged, however if you care for an asset properly it appreciates. At Endangered Heritage we can help keep your assets safe and we know the value isn't always monetary. 


Maintaining the story, provenance, and integrity of an item requires a sensitive approach to ensure things are not over-cleaned or made to look 'new'. Maintaining the authenticity of an item is the main concern of a qualified and ethical conservator. 


We are able to conduct on-site collection surveys, including treatment prioritisation and triaging, conduct disaster response and recovery, provide collection handling training, and offer support design and mannequin manufacture.


If you have a collection and you need advice and support, we are here to help. We also run regular workshops and professional development workshops to help you to care for your own heirlooms. 


Ask us about our hourly rate for booking a conservator. We will have a conservator go through your collection with you and triage, sort, pack and store items, so you get expert advice on what needs work now and what can wait it's turn.