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How do you preserve Grandpa's medals? Treasure Tune Up on wartime items

Military collections contain many hazards some are more obvious than others. It is important to remember a weapon is always a weapon never a toy! Some items like first aid kits can contain powders and drugs which become highly toxic including cyanid or mercury.

Asbestos is also in many items which were intended to get hot such as mits, helmets fire fighting gear shoes soles etc it can turn up in unexpected places.


Lead paint is also found on many material from military collections and any flaking paint should be considered questionable until tested. Military collections can contain material with radio active dials and watches which are high risk and should not be kept in the family home.


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Treasure tune up for Wartime Items
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What does it take to restore a large military item like a plane? 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to restore a large World War II plane?

Andrew Pearce is a senior conservator at Endangered Heritage in Canberra and specialises in metal and glass restoration work.

He spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Paula Kruger about what happens behind the scenes conserving large military items such as the "G for George" a Lancaster aircraft at the Australian War Memorial.

Restoring large military items
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Children’s art is usually pretty safe. In fact we use water based paints and safe dyes and food colouring and everything needs to be so washable that it is not surprising it often isn’t very light or water fast.


Fading and damage is pretty easy over a short period of time. Find tips on preserving children's art work here and give us a call if you need storage solutions for difficult to keep artworks and craft projects. 

Conserve loved children's artworks
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How do you prevent bugs eating winter woollens?

Have you pulled out the winter woollens from the back of the wardrobe and noticed a hole or two?

As the cold weather sets in we start looking closely at jumpers and coats, and whether they have been attacked by insects while stored away.

Senior conservator at Endangered Heritage Victoria Pearce spoke to Afternoon's host Paula Kruger about the things you can do to prevent carpet beetles and moths eating your fabric items.

How do you prevent bugs eating winter woollens?
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How do you preserve canvas and board paintings?

Do you have a painting hanging on your wall?

Whether it is a priceless Picasso portrait or a Year 12 art project caring for board and canvas paintings will ensure they will last for future generations.

Senior Conservator at Endangered Heritage, Victoria Pearce spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Paula Kruger about the top tips to conserve paintings and prevent damage.

Preserve canvas and board paintings
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Advice on preserving important family photos

Photos are everywhere.... in our homes, in the office, in albums and stored on the mobile phone.

How do you conserve the important ones so future generations can enjoy the images?

Prue McKay is the Senior Paper and Photographs Conservator at Endangered Heritage in Canberra.

She spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Paula Kruger about the tips to keep your photographs in great condition.

Advice on preserving important family photos
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How do you conserve intangible heritage items in your family?

Have you ever thought about the information in your family being valuable?

Elusive things like Christmas traditions, recipe books or a skill handed down from generation-to-generation.

Sometimes it is not until a family member dies that the everyone realises the information should have been recorded in a permanent way.

Endangered Heritage senior conservator Victoria Pearce spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Paula Kruger about important family history items and how to preserve intangible heritage.

Conserve Intangible Heritage Items
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Tips for restoring a classic old car 

Have you ever been involved in restoring an old car?

It can be a long-term project with some classic cars needing extensive bodywork repairs or a complete engine rebuild.

The recent loss of Holden Manufacturing in Australia has put the spotlight on preserving some of the nation's car history.

Senior Conservator at Endangered Heritage Andrew Pearce spoke to ABC Radio Canberra's Paula Kruger about what it takes to get a restored car back on the road.

Tips for restoring a classic old car
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