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Conservation Service Price List

Mac Mouse

Intake Fee

This fee covers intake admin and quoting time.



Photo Studio Lights

Report and Photographic documentation

All conservation services requiring more than an hour will receive documentation. For other items, a request for photographic documentation and a written conservation report must be made at time of intake, will be charged.


Hourly rate for conservation services

Hourly rate

There is a minimum of one hour on all items. Our hourly rate includes some small consumables, but your quote may also have a materials cost specific to your job.

$132.00 + GST

Conservation framing services

Frame Opening/Closing fee

This allows a conservator to access object inside of frames in order to quote on them properly – if the final quote is not accepted then this fee also covers the cleaning and reclosing of the original frame.


Conservation treatment on a christening gown

Christening Gown (white/cream only)

De-acidify, stain removal treatment, cleaning.

NB:  Freezer treatment, repairs and boxing are an additional cost.


Freezer Treatment

Freezer treatment

(Compulsory for all textiles)

Frozen at -10 for 10 days, then brush vacuumed before quotation assessment.

Small Textile - $66.00

Large Textile - $132.00

Robin tait book conservation treatment

Book Conservation Treatment

Book repairs are often to restore functionality. This is a complex process, with bookbinding materials often being required to be  specially ordered in. There is a global shortage of book conservators as this field requires advance training. From drop off to completion, treatment is commonly 6 months. Please consider this before asking for a quote – we have a vast range of storage options available for books and are happy to discuss alternative solutions.

Typical minimum cost for Book Conservation $500.00

Victoria Pearce Rug and carpet Conservation treatment

Rug and Carpet Treatment

Rugs and carpets are complex items, which are heavily worn and the repairs are time consuming. They have to be strong enough to walk on. Even a small repair can take a full day's work for an expert.  If items are to be hung on a wall, it can be easier to stabilise. Please talk to the conservator

Typical minimum is $750 for a rug repair.

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