Conservation Service Price List

Mac Mouse

In-Take Fee

This fee covers intake admin and quoting time.



Photo Studio Lights

Report and Photographic documentation

All items over 1 hour receive Documentation. For other items a request for photographic documentation and written conservation report must be made at time of in-take will be charged.


Hourly rate

There is a minimum of one hour on all items. Our hourly rate includes some small consumables, but your quote may also have a materials cost specific to your job.

$132.00 + GST

Conservation framing services

Frame Opening/Closing fee

Allows conservator to access object inside of frames in order to quote on them properly – if the final quote is not accepted then this fee also covers the cleaning and reclosing of the original frame.


Conservation treatment on a christening gown

Christening Gown (white/cream only)

De-acidify, stain removal treatment, cleaning.

NB:  Freezer treatment, repairs and boxing are an additional cost.


Freezer Treatment

Freezer treatment

(Compulsory for all textiles)

Frozen at -10 for 10 days, then brush vacuumed before quotation assessment.

Small Textile - $66.00

Large Textile - $132.00

Robin tait book conservation treatment

Book Conservation Treatment

Book repairs are often to restore functionality, they are complex and bookbinding materials often need to be specially ordered in. There is a global shortage of book conservators and it requires advance training. From drop off to completion treatment is commonly 6months. Please consider this before asking for a quote – we have a vast range of storage options available for books and are happy to discuss alternative solutions.

Typical minimum cost for Book conservation $500.00

Rug and Carpet Treatment

Rugs and carpets are complex items, which are heavily worn and the repairs are time consuming to be strong enough to walk on them. Even a small repair can take a full days expert work.  If items are to be hung on a wall it can be easier to stabilise. Please talk to the conservator

Typical minimum is $750 for a rug repair.