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Pre-Purchase and Pre-Insurance Assessment

The team at Endangered Heritage has decades of experience using scientific assessment processes for evaluating artwork for the National Collection. Now, we offer these same skills to collectors and lovers of fine art.

Endangered Heritage is an independent 3rd party assessor for owners and brokers, helping to analyse the condition risk and ensure that repairs are to the highest standard. Art asset management helps prevent damage claims and depreciation.

Services Offered

Report Documentation

Endangered Heritage will write thorough documentation that will highlight everything from the state of the artwork to what are the current risk factors for the collection. The weakest link to any collection is an incomplete inventory.

Photographic Documentation

We offer photographic documentation that highlights all the aspects of how the collection is being stored and what possible risks there are to the collection.


Risk Assessment

Endangered Heritage will look at all aspects of the collection, from the way it’s being stored to the condition of the object. The way the object is being stored and maintained can drastically alter its longevity.
Endangered Heritage will also look at the disaster risks (e.g. flood, fire, insect) associated with where the object is being stored.


Risk Remediation

After the risk assessment, Endangered Heritage will assist in ensuring that the collection meets the current best practices in storage and display used in National Institutions. 

Endangered Heritage will advise on light levels, humidity, temperature, framing and boxing standards.


Collection Management System

Whether you have a few items in your collection or a substantial amount, it’s important to keep a record of the details of your collection. Endangered Heritage offers a wide array of collection management systems that keeps track of all the relevant information regarding your collection.

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