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Past Workshops 

At Endangered Heritage, we deliver high-quality workshops and training to museums as well as the general public. We need at least 10 people signed up for a workshop to run. Please register your interest with us by emailing or call us at (02) 6280 6280.

Managing volunteers in small museums

This presentation invites all members of museum communities, focusing on managing volunteers, how to recruit the right person, succession planning, the security of objects, as well as motivating volunteers, managing expectations, and assisting with how to better involve the community. 

This includes a Q&A session with conservators after the presentation.

Managing volunteers in small museums

Fire, Flood, and Heirlooms. Saving what matters!

Evermore poignant after Australia’s devastating Black Summer, we will focus on how to prepare the community for disasters and how to recover after a disaster. Disasters include floods, fire, hail, cyclones, wind damage, etc. We focus on what you can salvage, what to not throw away, and why, and how to conserve items that have been rescued. 

This lecture will be running over topics discussed in the prior workshop to allow people who were unable to attend the prior discussion to be present. 

Guest speaker to discuss disaster recovery.

Fire, flood and heirlooms workshop. Saving what matters!

Care of Textiles

All of us have an important piece of clothing, whether from a wedding or perhaps a quilt handed down through generations. This important topic teaches the do’s and don’ts or conserving textiles, proper handling, and proper storage. Also included is a discussion on insects and how to spot an infestation and damage before it’s too late.

Care of textiles

Introduction to basketry weaving

This workshop focuses on beginners wanting to learn the techniques of making and manufacturing baskets as well as learning the hand skills involved. 

In this workshop, a broad range of techniques and structural methods will be discussed. Bring any vintage baskets you wish to know more about and join us for a day of weaving. 

Morning, afternoon tea, and materials included. Please provide your own lunch.

Introduction to basketry weaving
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