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Endangered Heritage understands the needs of small museums and the value innate to all collections.

Asset and Collection Management

At Endangered Heritage, we understand that art is not a set and forget asset. Art depreciates if it fades, or gets soiled, or is damaged. But a piece of art that has been properly managed and cared for will appreciate, and so will its story.

The senior staff at Endangered Heritage more than 20 years of experience in the Gallery library, art and museum sector. We know the best way to preserve and manage your collections, to uphold their integrity.

Our asset management process ranges from conducting on-site collection surveys, which includes treatment prioritisation and triaging, collection cataloguing, disaster response and recovery, collection handling training to support design and mannequin manufacture etc. 


If you have a collection and you need advice and support, we are here to help. We also run regular workshops as well as workshops for professional development to help you and your volunteers to care for your collections.

Training and Professional Development

Endangered Heritage provides professional development training for museum professionals, personalising the training to target your specific collection type. 

We are also available for public talks on conservation. These talks are aimed at people interested in caring for their family history, memorabilia, photos etc., for which we charge you at our day rate, and which you can then bill out to increase revenue for your organisation. We have expertise over an extensive range of topics, which we can form into a series over a few days for the local community, helping to bring in some money for your museum or historical society.

IT Support and Development

With the ever-changing landscape of Information Technology, there is always a new system being introduced. At Endangered Heritage, we understand that when systems work, they work well but when they don’t, it can be a massive struggle. 

To help with the implementation and ongoing management of technology in the museum industry, Endangered Heritage can provide assistance with implementing a database and collection management system, help develop a website, train staff and volunteers on the use of technologies etc.


Small museums packs

Endangered Heritage offers a range of archival materials that can be used for the proper storage and maintenance of art, artefacts, and other objects. We have developed a range of products at a wholesale price available for sale in your gift shop to help make the field of conservation more accessible. These products will arrive fully packaged with a recommended price to help assist you in the process.

Have a look at online store and the small museums information pack (available below). Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

Small Museums Information Pack

We have also created an information pack for the services and options that you may interested in. This will include more information regarding:

  • Support options

  • The order form for the small museum packs

  • Product details

  • Professional development training for staff and volunteers 

  • IT Support and development services

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