Learning Resources

The field of conservation can be quite complex. People dedicate their entire lives to perfect their crafts. Hence, if you ever feel like learning a little bit more about the industry, our practices, or the materials we have available at our store. Have a look at our learning resources!

However, if these resources are not enough to completely sate your curiosity, have a look at our YouTube channel, join one of our workshops, or even come in to have a talk with one of our conservators.

Corrosion Intercept for Artefact Storage

2012 Corrosion Intercept product photo (1).jpg

Care of Photographs

Storage: Keeping It Safe


Is It Still Safe to Keep?

Archaeological Objects

Aboriginal Art

Image by Sunny Wang



Mould and Mildew




Making Heirlooms

Fur, Leather, Feathers

Sewing Leather