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Retail Manager (Filled)

Type of Job


About the job

Endangered Heritage has a position for a highly motivated person to head our retail division. We supply a wide range of conservation and preservation products and services including workshops and professional development training.

We need a highly experienced and motivated person to join our elite team of expert conservators to deliver professional services backed by a unique product line.

We are delivering a wide range of new services and products in 2022 launching us as the industries most innovative leaders in Australia making this an exciting opportunity for a person with excellent people skills, extensive multi-tasking skills and a passion for trackble growth.

Our clients are some of the most interesting people from around the country with amazing items which outstrip the national collections. This role must be filled by a professional person who is security minded and understand that real service relies on discretion and trust.

Security clearances will be looked on favourably. Mature people with experience wanting to re-enter the work place, are encouraged to apply.

Salary range $30-40/hour.

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