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Upcoming Events

  • Tue, 20 June
    Textiles are the most fragile and complex items in any collection yet because we wear clothes, we think we know how to care for heritage items. Often this leads to irreparable damage. This talk will cover the essentials in vintage textile care and add science where wives tales have persisted.
  • Thu, 20 July
    Victoria Pearce is Australia’s delegate to the ICOMOS-ICORP committee and has advised internationally on disaster preparedness, prevention, and response. This talk will cover the basic essential needs for a collection to deal with fire or flood.
  • Tue, 22 Aug
    Most collections rely on documents, letters, forms journals and the inks, paper, and past care all impact on their longevity. This talk covers basic cleaning, handling storing and displaying where documents can fade to nothing.
  • Fri, 22 Sept
    Many museums are wanting to increase access via digitisation but what are the pros and cons. What lessons have been learned from others. Where do we start and how far do, we go? How do we know the data is safe, needing upgrading and off-site storage? Digitisation is a silver bullet for some and a si
  • Fri, 20 Oct
    Volunteers are an institutions greatest resource but there are rules regulations and obligations to having volunteers. This talk covers legal requirements management tasking and onboarding volunteers so that they are properly aware of roles and responsibilities and so the museum is not carrying liab
  • Mon, 20 Nov
    Accepting donations seems easy but what if family want things back? How do you know who owns and item and what do you need to have in place for loans especially if you have a disaster while it is in your custody? This talk covers responsible intaking of donations and loans and how to lend.
  • Fri, 15 Dec
    Light fading, vibration damage theft handling and display supports are all contributing to the damage of collections. This talk covers how to know the time an item should be on display, rotated or exchanged for another display. Sadly, most damage to collections happens on display and to our most ico
  • Fri, 19 Jan
    There is no single bullet for stopping pests in collections. Understanding and developing an integrated approach to keep out mice, insects, even possums is essential to collection care. Pest damage is costly to collections but more damaging to a museum’s reputation. This talk covers identification q
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