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Endangered Heritage provides collection support and conservation services to private collectors, museums, galleries, archives and libraries. Whether you are an inheritor of a precious heirloom, someone who needs artworks assessed for an insurance claim, or just someone who has old family films on formats which are no longer supported by devices, Endangered Heritage can help.

At Endangered Heritage, we aim to provide the same quality conservation services to your precious objects as we would the finest artworks in the National Gallery.

Conservation Services

Conservation stabilises an item, mitigating it against the agents of deterioration that cause ongoing damage (this often has the bonus effect of making an item look better). Conservation aims to do what’s best for an object, extending its longevity. Conservation preserves, protecting items from an ignoble demise via further neglect and disassociation from their stories, allowing them to be appreciated by future generations.

With more than 70 years combined experience, our highly experienced and specialised conservators treat a wide range of materials including Textiles, Paper, Books, Photographs, Paintings, Frames, Objects, Metals and Technology.

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Digital Restoration

Due to the severity of damage present in some photographs and the complexity of the restoration task, it can take significant time to complete photographic restorations. In some cases, where a photograph has no data or colour in certain areas. There is no way of restoring that photograph without having to do a full recreation of the damaged section.

A digital photograph restoration is the practice of restoring the appearance of the digital copy of a physical photograph that has been damaged, using a variety of image editing techniques to remove visible damage and effects of aging from the digital copies of a physical photograph. 

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Digitisation Services

Memories are fragile recollections but accidentally preserving them in the wrong format can result in them being lost to time. We understand the frustration of not being able to reminisce with old childhood videos just because devices no longer support the format or the dismay of having the sole copy of an important photograph irrevocably damaged.​

But fortunately, this is no longer case because we can now digitise Super 8, VHS, and BETA family films into DVD or MP4 formats. We can transform audio recordings on tape to digital. Even if you just want to digitise your photos but don't have the time or want it done at a better quality, come to us for a quick turnaround!



Thanks to cameras on phones everyone can record a memory in an instant. But occasionally, you might have a need for a more professional job. Maybe there is a story that your mom likes to tell that you’d like to record for your kids or maybe you need something more formal for your last will and testimony.

Whatever your reason, call us to have a professional filmmaker come to record your family stories, oral histories, last will and testimony etc.

Filming Streets

Conservation Materials

Although some things in the conservation process should be left to the professionals, there are still some things that you can do on your own, BUT only with the right materials. Good conservation materials and tools of archival quality are often not very accessible as they are often hard to source in small quantities. In our efforts to make conservation more accessible to the public, Endangered Heritage has decided to play the role of a middleman, ordering these archival-grade materials in bulk and breaking them down into smaller and more accessible levels.


Archaeological Conservation

Conservation stabilises an item, archaeological conservation has the same aim but is working in and on different conditions and materials. While in the ground, the environment is stable and the artefacts have generally stabilised within that environment. Once excavated and exposed to different and changing environmental conditions, artefacts can rapidly deteriorate. With a comprehensive understanding of both archaeology and conservation, Endangered Heritage can intercede in the deterioration process and stabilise artefacts of a multitude of material types before the research potential is lost.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Insurance Assessment 

The Team at Endangered Heritage has decades of experience using scientific assessment processes for evaluating artwork for the National Collection. Now, we offer these same skills to collectors and lovers of fine art.

Endangered Heritage is an independent 3rd party assessor for owners and brokers, helping to analyse the condition risk and ensure that repairs are to the highest standard. Art asset management helps prevent damage claims and depreciation.

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Museum Support

Endangered Heritage understands the needs of small museums and the value innate to all collections.


Hence, we offer services such as collection and asset management, training and professional development opportunities, IT support and development, as well as our small museum packs, to help aid small museums and other similar organisations.

Image by Artur Matosyan

Collection and Asset Management

Art is not a set and forget asset. Art depreciates if it fades, or gets soiled, or is damaged. But a piece of art that has been properly managed and cared for will only appreciate. Our asset management process ranges from conducting on-site collection surveys, which includes treatment prioritisation and triaging, collection cataloguing, disaster response and recovery, collection handling training to support design and mannequin manufacture etc.

If you ever worry that your assets are not being managed in the best manner or if you just want to know a little bit more about collection and asset management, come have a talk with one of our experts.

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Training Courses

The specialised conservators at Endangered Heritage, with over 70 years of combined experience, has compiled training courses for museum professionals. These courses range from how to manage volunteers, work health and safety concerns, care and handling of textiles, to disaster preparedness. 

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IT Support

Louis, Endangered Heritage’s IT rescue ranger, is offering his services to small museums, small business, families, and individuals. Louis can speak IT and translate it for you. Whether it is general assistance with your Windows or Mac devices, or setting up an accounting package, or even database management and set-up, Louis can help!

Image by Luca Bravo

Dehumidifier Rental

Got a burst pipe or a leak? If you ever need some quick and easy help tackling humidity at its source and remove moisture from an overly-wet environment, come rent a dehumidifier from us. Rather than spend a couple hundred dollars buying a new dehumidifier, pay $20/day with a $200 refundable deposit to rent one from us.


Additional Learning Resources

The field of conservation is a complex one. People dedicate their entire lives to perfect their crafts. Hence, if you ever feel like learning a little bit more about the industry, our practices, and the materials we have available at our store. Have a look at our learning resources!

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