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Endangered Heritage, Preserving what matters to you, with YOU !

Endangered Heritage delivers conservation services and supplies to families, collectors, National and International institutions around the world. When you join our team you are in the driving seat of your own career. Engaging with owners and custodians personally sharing your passion with their story and making sure history comes alive with integrity and authenticity. 


Our team works closely together to bring all of our skills to each treatment, giving quality assurance to our clients and mentoring each other with tricks and methods the only experience can bring. 


Some of the hardest treatments are modern materials and in a multidisciplinary lab you will see it all; contemporary art, modern materials, archeological, indigenous, and natural history. In fact, the work is so interesting and varied we consult with an enormous team of specialist trade experts which has led us to establish the National Endangered Skills and Trades Show. You will meet taxidermists, french polishers, bookbinders and clockmakers, etc. 


So no matter what future you dream of, there are stepping stones to achieve it, with us. 


At Endangered Heritage it isn’t all about history, it is about protecting the future of our past. We undertake research and encourage publishing, we organise an annual Science award and we support professional development. If your skills are in IT and cutting edge technology that is brilliant because we have a growing IT department assisting in collection management issues and IT concerns for small museums and collectors as we know the future of our past is digital. Digital treatment is also a growing area with 3D printing and drone surveying of sites in our future with the right people. There is a rapidly growing field of digitisation and digital photographic conservation all requiring experts to be as careful and dedicated as our conservators on nonvirtual artifacts.


Entry-level positions also exist for people ambitious to start in our retail shop supplying museums and families with the means to care for their own collections. 


The breadth of work we do requires a competitive and energetic team. If you think you have what it takes and want to live the dream job then get in touch. 

Shop 8 Paragon Mall, 8-20 Gladstone St
Fyshwick 2609 Canberra Australia

ABN:  25106266639

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