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Conservator on Retainer

Providing ongoing collection care and support for teams.

The Conservator on Retainer, program is a membership program for small to medium organisations* giving access to the best scientific advice and support for your institution in good times and bad. Just like having a qualified conservator on staff, but for less than a wage. There are several retainer options for organisations to select from. Sign up any time and have 12 months of support for your institution. Upgrades are possible at any time.


ONLINE SEMINARS: Monthly professional development seminars online covering a range of essential topics. All delivered by qualified trained conservators with decades of experience.  This enables your organisation to create baseline knowledge for staff and volunteers, to be able to build better preservation and conservation protocols. Each year the program will be updated and you can select to attend the seminars which suit you the best. 

INTAKE FEE: All members will have the intake fee for conservation with Endangered Heritage waived. Additionally, freezer treatment for textiles intake will be waived. Quoting on conservation needs for intake items will be free for all items excepting large technology items. (ie: cars train carriages)

FREIGHT AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT: Endangered heritage will organise freight and logistics, crating or other containment for travelling items in need of coming to the lab in Canberra. The pricing for project managing your heritage item is included in membership. Endangered heritage is proud to work with International Art Services as our preferred carrier and their services will be discussed and the final freight account separately.

ICONIC CONSERVATION: Endangered Heritage is actively seeking corporate sponsorship to support our sector. The Iconic conservation program allows members to nominate 3 artefacts to a register which is offered to companies to sponsor. There is no guarantee your artefact will get selected, BUT it can remain with our register while you are a member. You can switch artefact nominations at any time. The program connects a sponsor media and conservation. If selected Endangered Heritage will organise delivery of the artefact conservation of the artefact with our world class team and the return of the item.

NETWORKING EVENTS: 2 times a year Endangered Heritage has in person networking events in the lab in Canberra. As our network grows, we are looking at hosting regional events so you meet local organisations and supports grow your network, and your support regionally so there is greater opportunity for collaboration.

CRISIS SUPPORT: Disasters can strike any time 24/7. We get that and we care! Members will be given a direct number to contact our team any time day or night to help when something has cataclysmic has gone wrong. Our Director is on the International ICORP committee and on the Australian and New Zealand committee and is certified by CENVP as an environmental and heritage expert.

DISCOUNTS: We understand that with a turnover of staff and volunteers training and updating is a challenge. Endangered Heritage offers customised professional development training for museum and gallery professionals. No one can keep up to date with everything local history, local donations and exhibitions and themes loans and community demands. Let us keep up to date on the science and then we can pass it on. Membership entitles you to discounts for workshops. See our website for an up to date program.

Private Seminars-Asset management and risk assessment is conservation.

The biggest single risk to a collection is reallocation of funds and resources. Institutions must get it right! As an organisation the needs of a collection the pressures of public access and the balance of conservation, equals a huge load in this sector. One which often is expected to just magically manage. These private discussions are designed to look at whole of organisational needs.

Our director has won multiple awards for excellence in heritage conservation and business and will find the answers you need to get through another operational year stronger than before.

Private meetings with your directors, with or without, your team are available for level 2 and 3 members. These discussions are determined by you. The desired topic and agenda need to be arranged a month in advance with our director to ensure we appoint the correct specialists to join the discussion.  Our director will work out an agenda and presentation to kick off discussions and professional development opportunities for your team. Discussions will run 1.5 hours with a 5min intermission. A recording of the discussion will be provided at the end.

The topic can be anything regarding your heritage needs. These discussions are totally led by your organisations needs. Endangered Heritage has an extensive network of business advisors, logistics provider, insurance brokers and other related support for your organisation given advanced notice we can ensure we have all of the sectors support you need.

2023 Seminar Program 


  • Level 1

    Small institutions, single site, 15 staff.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Waive of intake fee
    • Logistic support for transporting art for conservation
    • Crisis support 24/7 emergency phone number
    • Phone advice 2x a month with expert conservators
    • 10%discount on Digitising home movies
    • Access to six themed ZOOM discussions per year
    • 10% Discount for workshops at Endangered Heritage
    • 10% discount for workshops at your site
    • Networking opportunities
  • Level 2

    A single site, mixed collection and a team over 25 memebrs.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Waive intake fee
    • Logisitics support to transport works to Endangered heritage
    • Crisis response support 24/7 emergency number
    • 3 advice calls a month to a science trained conservator
    • 15% Discount digitising analogue movie formats
    • Access to 12 specialist themed Online presentations
    • 15% discount for staff training at Endangered Heritage
    • 15% discount for staff training, your site (10 or more pax)
    • Access to private zoom meetings, your agenda
    • Networking opportunities.
  • Level 3

    Medium institutions with over 50 staff/volunteers.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Waive intake fee of art/artefacts conservation
    • Logistic support to locate art/artefact for conservation
    • Crisis Support 24/7 emergency phone line
    • 3x access to phone advice with qualified conservator
    • 20% discount on digitising analogue film media
    • 12 online presentations for professional development.
    • 20% Discount for workshops at Endangered Heritage
    • 20% discount for workshops, your site (10 or more pax)
    • 4 private zoom meetings per year, you set the agenda.
    • Networking opportunities.

*small to medium museum is defined as: a single site/location with total labour force of 15 or less staff and volunteers.

**Calls are budgeted for 1 hour each.

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