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Collection and Asset Management

Image by Scott Graham

If you have a collection or even just an heirloom left behind by your grandparents, anything you feel is valuable and deserves to be preserved, come to us for some advice and support.

At Endangered Heritage, we understand that art is not a set and forget asset. Art depreciates if it fades, or gets soiled, or is damaged. But a piece of art that has been properly managed and cared for will only appreciate. 

We help preserve your assets because we know the value in it isn't always monetary, that its worth can transcend its physicality. 

Maintaining the story, provenance, and integrity of an item requires a sensitive approach. We don’t want to make it ‘as good as new’ and risk erasing away its essence, doing that would be destroying the authentic identity of something precious, destroying the memories associated with it and the history it has lived. 

Can the Mona Lisa still be considered the Mona Lisa if you erase away Da Vinci’s work and paint over it? Is a childhood teddy bear still yours if it is simply a replica of it? The value of your assets is not only in their physical appearance but also in the memories and history tied with their identity. 

Most of the senior staff at Endangered Heritage have around 20 years of experience in the art and museum sector. We know the best way to preserve the things you cherish without harming their integrity. 

Our asset management process ranges from conducting on-site collection surveys, which includes treatment prioritisation and triaging, collection cataloguing, disaster response and recovery, collection handling training to support design and mannequin manufacture etc.
If you ever worry that your assets are not being managed in the best manner or if you just want to know a little bit more about asset management, come have a talk with one of our experts. 

Ask us about our hourly rate for booking a conservator. We can organise to have a conservator go through your collection with you and triage, sort, pack, and store items. We’ll provide you with expert advice on what needs work now and what can wait its turn, as well as highlight potential areas of concern before it is too late. 

We also run regular workshops as well as workshops on professional development to help you to care for your heirlooms. 


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