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Endangered Heritage provides collection support and conservation services to private collectors, museums, galleries, archives and libraries.

With more than 70 years combined experience, our highly experienced and specialised conservators treat a wide range of materials including Textiles, Paper, Books, Photographs, Paintings, Frames, Objects, Metals and Technology.

Fine Art Asset Management and Support

Maintaining the story, provenance, and integrity of an item requires a sensitive approach to ensure things are not over-cleaned or made to look 'new'. Maintaining the authenticity of an item is the main concern of a qualified and ethical conservator. 


We can:

  • conduct on-site collection surveys, including treatment prioritisation and triaging

  • conduct disaster response and recovery

  • provide collection handling training

  • help with collection cataloguing

  • offer support design and mannequin manufacture.

If you have a collection and you need advice and support, we are here to help. We also run regular workshops as well as workshops on professional development to help you to care for your own collections.

Fine art asset management

Conservation Services

Endangered Heritage has a fully equipped laboratory and provides conservation services for our national collection in galleries, museums, libraries, and universities. We will uphold the same standard of quality to your project as we do to the national collection. Each of our conservators has extensive experience and training in several fields of specialisation and frequently run teaching programs.

Endangered Heritage does not outsource work without the knowledge of the client. The owner is always in direct contact with the conservator undertaking the work. 

State of the art conservation lab

Fine Art Supplies

The conservation industry has specialised tools and materials requirements. Our entire retail line is the industry standard, with everything being of archival quality.

Endangered Heritage stocks a range of conservation and manufacture tools. Our staff are trained to provide advice and assist in ensuring that each customer leaves with exactly what they need for any project and that their valuable items are well taken care of.

Endangered Heritage Conservation Service
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